Captain hook

Captain Hook Official Artwork

Pirate Weapon Art

Weapon, Active:

Throws 5 bombs in a circle. Hits ground enemies-Counters

Pirate Bomb

Captain Hook Armor art

Armor, Active:

Puts a large bomb in user's hands, ready to be thrown- Air Usuable

Fearful Roar

Captain Hook Helm Art

Helm, Active:

Yell at opponent to drop a gear

Quick Step

Captain Hook Trinket Art

Trinket, Active:

Increase movement speed-Allows multiple ground recoveries as long as skill is active

"Captain Hook explodes the battlefield with bombs bombs and more bombs!"

C. Hook Logo

Captain Hook is a great addition to the Lost Saga roster. His trusty parrot lets him sprint across the stage with blinding speed and his many bombs rain on his enemies!