Sorcerer Official Artwork

Arcane Daggers

Helm, Active:

Fire a series of Arcane bolts that home in on your targets.


Armor, Active:

Control an orb that teleports enemies to you on contact.

A  -Elevate

S- Descend

Targets land behind you. If you move as you're teleporting someone they will still land behind you

Hits multiple targets.

You can melee combo off this skill, great for edging and catching runners.


Trinket, Active, De-buff:

Lock down enemies and prevent them from using skills.

Targets have to be in range of this skill for it to be effective.

Arcane Assault

Rain elemental destruction to targeted area.

Pressing "S" while this skill is being casted cause the elements (Fire,Ice,Light) to change.

Being the master of all elements, Sorcerer is destined to bring all It's Opponents devastation.